Whats in our name - final

SUNDA (sʊnda) is a term for the region of Southeastern Asia which encompasses these areas of the Asian continental shelf that was exposed during the last ice age. It is hypothesized as the Lost Atlantis in the Java Sea.

Although the lands are separated by the ocean, the cultures are interconnected. Grew up in Southeast Asia, we take pride in our heritage. We hope to represent the spirit of Southeast Asian people.

Why Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia holds one of the world’s most unique adventure opportunities. There are varied landscapes to be explored, including intense rainforests, mighty volcanoes and idyllic islands. Culturally, the region is a home of not only a myriad of temples and mosques but also the diverse customs and traditions.

What we do

We aim to reinforce outdoor recreation and the appreciation of nature in Southeast Asia. We serve to all those who desire to explore by providing outdoor gear rooted from Southeast Asian adventure lifestyle and aesthetic.